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Laurie has reduced Minnesota assessed values by $438+ Million
Minnesota Property Tax Appeals
Filing deadline: April 30, 2021


Minnesota Property Tax Appeals

Laurie is tough and persistent. She digs into the data, writes rock solid reports, and knows the ins and outs of the tax appeal process - so you don't have to! 


Are your property taxes too high?

Minnesota has the most complex property tax system in the country! You don't want to get lost in this convoluted process. Just like a bulldog, Laurie will use her wealth of experience, love for data analysis, and bulldog mentality to take a bite out of your property taxes. 


Does a property tax appeal make sense for you?
For a free expert evaluation of your property taxes, just click contact below. But don't delay: the filing deadline for property taxes payable in 2021 is April 30, 2021.




Minnesota Property Tax Appeals
Fortune 500 Property Tax Appeals

A Fortune 500 Company engaged a national property tax consultant to monitor their property tax bills for their 60-acre Minnesota campus. This national consultant thought the $900,000 annual property tax bill was just fine. Then the Fortune 500 company engaged Laurie Karnes who achieved an annual property tax savings of $400,000! Reductions included:

  • The assessed value for their factory was reduced by 47% from $10,879,000 to $5,800,000.

  • The assessed value for their vacant land was reduced by 69% from $2,290,000 to $712,500.

A local credit union purchased a 2-acre commercial lot for $755,000 in 2007 and built a 7,000-square-foot retail branch. In 2013, the credit union engaged Laurie to appeal the property taxes, and her deep research, hard work, and bulldog persistence resulted in reducing the assessed value 60% from $1,855,700 to $750,000 – less than they paid for the land! 

Credit Union Property Tax Appeals
Office Property Tax Appeals

Negotiating with the assessor is a critical part of the property tax appeal process – and Laurie's bulldog persistence really shines here. Laurie digs her teeth into facts to get you the best result. This is the negotiating result from an office building that Laurie tax appealed for the owner:

  • Laurie's valuation report resulted in a tax savings of $131,457

  • The assessor's first settlement offer reduced taxes by $54,454

  • After Laurie punched holes in the data behind the assessor's offer, the final settlement agreement reduced taxes by $123,305!

A small business got a large contract in 2015. But they didn't have the space to manufacture the product so they paid $7.7 million to buy an industrial building. Their bank appraisal came in at $6.3 million. After spending weeks analyzing the building, the bank's appraisal and the market, Laurie convinced the assessor to lower the 2016 assessed value to $3.6 million - 53% less then they paid for the property.

Minnesota Small Business Property Tax Appeals


Minnesota Property Tax Appeals
  • Never any out-of-pocket costs! You don't pay Laurie until she hands you your property tax refund check.

  • Laurie won't leave your money on the table.

  • Laurie only accepts a limited number of tax appeals so she can devote a lot of time studying your property to get you the largest property tax refund.


Laurie's qualifications include:

  • 37+ years of real estate experience

  • MBA from the Carlson School at the University of Minnesota

  • Accounting degree from the Honors College at Western Michigan University

  • Licensed Minnesota Real Estate Broker and has sold more than $66 million of land

  • Land development experience helps to understand zoning codes for all property types: the zoning code can be the key to unlock your property tax refund.

  • Approved to teach a class on Property Tax Appeals to commercial realtors by the Minnesota Department of Commerce

  • MN Property Tax Appeal classes from the MN Bar Association


Minnesota Property Tax Appeals

The deadline to file your Pay 2021 property tax appeal is April 30, 2021.


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